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This is how it works. First, persuade a group of young women to stand in a line in front of a large crowd of men. Then hire someone to throw buckets of water at the women. As soon as the women are wet the men will become very excited, jumping up and down or fighting each other to get a better view. Why do they do this? What are they looking for? For more on this perplexing subject take a naughty peek at our wet T-shirt photos.

We all know what breasts look like. Yet some of us pay large sums of money again and again to see topless women. Why? What do we think they are going to see each time? Are we expecting to be surprised? Do we forget so quickly what breasts look like? Is it a quest, like the Search for The Holy Grail? Has someone told us that out there somewhere are some breasts that look different? Are we searching for a particular pair? You decide

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